1912 Normal School Bulletin
Kirksville, Missouri

Elementary & Senior Class pages 152, 154, 156, 160 and 162

List of Normal School Enrollment 1911-1912

 Senior Class 1912

names to come later.

Elementary Class of 1912

Rual Education Graduates 1912

Top row, l to r:  Mabel Wade, Mamie Temple, Orpha Bartlett, Willie Ben Maupin, Maude Bruner, Bessye Smith, 
Mary Dickerson, Anna W. Wayland, Ethel Mitzenberg.
Second row:  Lela Salisbury, Mrs. Ernest Salisbury, Enolia Lyon, Ester Morrison, Ethel Sharp, Ruth Reynolds, 
Clarence L. Barnes, Elizabeth Benning, Ralph S. McGhee.
Third row:  Carl B. Fortney, Hannah Rowland, Edna Winget, Lillian Hardister, Bessie Steele, Elmer J. Weyand, 
Hattie Mae Gulick, Susan A. Moore, W. J. Pierce, Rachel Winn.
Bottom row:  Clifford Novinger, Floyd A. Newman, Chester Purdy, Vernice L. Bailey.

Some Out of State Students in Summer Term, 1912

Top row l to r:  Catherine Meade, Virginia; Grace Lyle, Texas; B. L. cornmesser, Arkansas; edna Kiesel, Kansas; 
Hazel Furman, Nebraska.
Second row:  Alta Sangster, New Mexico; Mattie Dutton, China; Evalena Miller, Illinois; Vivian Barker, Arkansas; 
Oakley Thomas, Arkansas.
Bottom row:  Nora Foght, Kansas; Matilda Mahafy, Oklahoma; Julia Foght, Minnesota; Bessie Furman, Colorado.

Junior Class 1912

Top row, l to r:  Viola Vogel, Grover W. Sims, Ethel Hook, Walter Henry, ella Black, T. G. Nichols, Dora Reynolds, 
Joseph Otterson.
Second row:  Gertrude Smith, C. A. Smith, Edna Montgomery, Juanita McGuire, Eunice Adams, Paul Barnett, Gladys Milay, Earl Y. Poor, Eva Stuck.
Third row:  Nelle Wells, Harriet Nelson, Paul Hardesty, Carrie Wiley, H. L. Collett, Ola Ader, Gertrude Horn, Mae Wells, Mabel Cowan.
Bottom row:  Barton S. Morgan, Mary Nolen, Lillian Moore, Roy Slocum, Marie Miller, Ina Finegan, E. H. Salisbury, 
Everett M. Turner, Wayne Fuller.



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Charlotte purchased the 1912 Bulletin Book from the First District Normal School in Kirksville, MO at an antique store.  It is almost like a yearbook of sorts, with Faculty & Students enrolled from June 1911 to June 1912.  It also has many photos of students.  She will be glad to do lookups from this book.
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