1912 Normal School Bulletin
Kirksville, Missouri
County Students Summer Term, 1912

Adair County Students in Summer Term, 1912.

Top row, l to r:  Lela Shockey, Doris burgess, Mabel Wade, Florence Briddle, Catherine Powell, Josephine Hughes, 
Olive Cowan, Lewis clevenger, J. I. Hess, J. H. Hess, Bernice Jones, Rena Garriott, Nelle Wells, W. W. Shoop, 
Orville Gordon, Nola Crandall, L. V. Crookshank.
Second row:  ___________ Alta L. Smelser, Lena Jones, V. E. Bailey, Maude Montgomery, Una Montgomery, 
Claudia Neete, Lee Lipp, Bessie Hoerrmann, Verdie Johnson, Jennie Carter, Elva Burton, B. A. Reynolds, S. Harnette, Lola Barnett, Mabel Downing, Jennie Shockey, Beulah Wells, Delle Post.
Third row:  Etta Crawford, Jessie Howerton, Jessie Bailey, Olive Beaty, Eliza Mikel, Edna Montgomery, Beatrice Corbin, Fay Elmore, Mae Wells, Helen Gray, Hazel Turner, Maude Threlkeld, mitylene Newton, Myrtle Jones, Olah Little,
Mattie Altic, Elsie Post, Ava Post.
Bottom row:  J. M. Davidson, Orville Wade, Lillie Stout, Nealie Houghton, Daniel Shumaker, Mollie Noe, 
Lela Mitzimberg, Ruby Wells.

Audrain County Students in Summer Term, 1912.
op row, l to r: Grace Smith, Rachel Winn, Efa Stone, Alta Smelser, E. A. Horton, Eva Stone, Annie Maskey, R. S. Worland, Belle Ehret.
Bottom row, l to r: Bessie Tucker, Elizabeth O'Brien, Edna Earnst, Sallie Crane, Ada Douglas, Pearl Barnett, Bula Porter, E. L. Gooch, Grace Copeman, Bula Syler.

Boone County Students in Summer Term, 1912.

Top row, r to l:  Enolia Lyon, Ethel Powell, Letha VanCourt, Alberta Hardin, M. V. Long, Bettie Divers, R. L. Alexander.
Bottom row:  Mary Gentry, Nettie Crews, Mattie Tate, Prof. B. P. Gentry, Anna Howell, Frankie Gentry, 
Mrs. Rose L. Lisenby.

Callaway County Students in Summer Term, 1912.
Top row, l to r: Myrtle Zeigler, Julia Glennen, T. G. Nichols, Virginia Benson, Blanche Benson, F. W. Linton, Sara Thomas, Ruth Porter.
Second row: Nettie Jones, Terence Ham, Agnes Glennen, Rubena Beckley, Logan Finley, Ruth Pooley, Ira Simpson, Emma Garver, 
Effie Simpson.
Bottom row: Nattie Bishop, Berdie Bedsworth, Myrtle Todd, Karl Matthews, Peyton Meng, Grace Scholl, Lucile Nichols, Callie Thomas, 
Altha Smart.

Chariton County Students and Teachers in Summer Term, 1912.
Top row, l to r: G. W. Diemer, Christie Heptonstall, L. Vivien Walther, Lloyd McAllister, Tulsye Phelps, Grace Hines, Nellie Brown.
Second row: Ruth Turner, Stella Wells, Stella Plyer, Anna E. Pearson, Anna James, T. G. Nichols, Matie Kaye, Gertrude Hosey.
Bottom row: R. C. Allen, Essie Heptonstall, Anna Packer, Fannie Brewer, Nannie Dowell, Gertrude Turner, Ella Welch, Edith Marston.

Clark County Students in Summer Term, 1912.

Top row, r to l:  Maude Threlkeld, Jasper Gilbert, Clara Habermeyer, Lawrence St. Clair, Gladys Duncan, Eula Perry, Robert Clough, Ruth Duncan.
Second row:  Stanley Shaw, Alice Smith, Lee C. Smith, Grace Yates, H. D. Voss, Harriet Nelson, Ernest St. Clair, 
Marie Sheffer, Perry Evans.
Third row:  Lee Boley, Foster Dill, Isabelle Hennessy, I. E. Boley, Stella McWilliams, Maude Bruner, Mabel Lehew, 
Lydia Howe, Cora Bruner. 
Bottom row:  Helen M. Nichols, Hilda Seyb, Merle Carter, Famie St. Clair, Robert St. Clair, Elizabeth Campbell, 
Evalena Miller, Nellie Haines, Elora Blaettner.

Daviess County Students in Summer Term, 1912.

Top row, l to r:  Eloise Wynne, Gertrude Vogel, Pearle Netherton, Ella M. Richards, Julia Netherton.
Second row:  Lucy Galbreath, Barton S. Morgan, Nellie Dixon, Mont Smith, Ona Terry, Bert Morgan
Bottom row:  Mrs. Stephen Bonney, Elsie Dunn, Stephen Bonney, Cordia Mills, Eva Nance.

Grundy County Students in Summer Term, 1912.

Top row, l to r:  Walter Burress, W. H. Burress, Earl Husted, Homer Browning.
Second row:  Maud Brown, Bessie Brown, Tina Burress, Lucile Kincaid, Velma Titcomb.
Bottom row:  Chas. Paramore, Iva Couch, Laura Reid, N. V. Sawyer.

Harrison County Students in Summer Term, 1912.

Top row, l to r:  Louis Browning, Mabel Norwood, Prof. Mark Burrows, Lawrence St. Clair, Mrs. Avis Woodward St. Clair, Prof. Eugene Fair, Candance Clapham.
Second row:  Ocie Mitchell, bernice Stevenson, John R. Murdock, Maude Underwood, Pres. John R. Kirk, Flora Wright, Mrs. Minnie Richardson, Albert Nelson.
Bottom row:  T. L. Schiefelbusch, Emmet Sallee, Lena Stoner, Clara Prather, Lina Jones, Mark M. R. Stanley, 
Bertiss Chipp, Vera Richardson.

Howard County Students in Summer Term, 1912.

Top row, l to r:  R. H. Jones, Ruth Tatum, Marvin Phillips, Same Edwards, Olive Grigsby, Catherine Burton, Evelyn Terrill.
Bottom row, l to r:  William Reeves, Frances Sires, Jewell Sires, Ida Hilton, Jennie Terrill, Jessie Hilton.

Knox County Students in Summer Term, 1912.

Top row, l to r:  Nelle Delaney, Rose MCcauley, Gail Fox, J. W. Graves, May Sinnott, Jessie Sharer, Gladys Miller.Second row:  Catherine O'Rourke, J. T. Angus, Rose Miller, Sadie Walters, Esther Pettit, F. L. Normile, Ruth Frazee.

Lewis County Students in Summer Term, 1912.

Top row, l to r:  T. W. Kerfoot, Virgie Brightwell, Connie Wright, Neva Sue Smith, Vera Vesper, Lewis Cissna, 
Fay Jarman, Sterling Thompson, Angie Ellis, R. S. Caldwell.
Second row:  Loretta Dralle, Nora Drawe, Susie Hall, Anna Glisan, Lydia Mackey, Cynthia Thompson, Mrs. S. F. Bonney, Edith McGinley, Frances McCracken, Adda Ellis.
Bottom row:  Prof. Jere T. Muir, Everette Craig, Vivian Nelson, W. H. Trainum, Bertha Huebotter, Aura Feigenspan, 
Grace Lillard, S. F. Bonney, Edna Hess, Virgil Lewis, John R. Murdock.



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