1912 Normal School Bulletin
Kirksville, Missouri
County Students Summer Term, 1912

Lincoln County Students in Summer Term, 1912.

Top row, l to r:  Vest Sheets, Leona Mudd, Gertrude Mudd, Cecelia Mudd, Leslie Magruder, Ula King, Lou Fielder, Roy Jackson.
Second row, l to r:  Bessie Elgin, Nettie Vaughn, Mae Elgin, Dora Anderson, Kathryn La Rue, Nellie Watts, Vesta Davis.
Bottom row, l to r:  Pearl Vaughn, Helena Behrens, Lily Mae Williams, Folsom Dwyer, Grace Upson, Laura L Rue, Mabel Hiler,Pearl Diggs.

Linn County Students in Summer Term, 1912.

Top row, l to r:  Ralph McGhee, Ada Miller, C. C. Cokerham, Mary Miller, J. A. Crookshank, Cora Monahan, L. V. Crookshank, Effie Pennick.
Second row, l to r:  Stella McNary, Minnie Trippeer, Susie Betson, O. T. Hooker, Luella Sebring, Grover Ramsey, Lura Storer,  Mabel Kraft, Richard Powell.
Bottom row, l to r:  Cecil Purdin, Iva Harder, Birdie Robbins, Blanche Baker, Frank Tomlin, Ruby Bacon, Esther McCune, Georgia Sebring, 
G. V. Baskett.

Macon County in Summer Term, 1912.

Top row, l to r:  Lola Brown, Pearl Romjue, Earl Dille, Essie Long, Sadie Ketcham, Verna Burton, L.Benj. Reber, Berdie Newmeyer, 
Claud N. Dye.
Second row, l to r:  Minnie Burch, Ada Howk, Julia Wilcox, Mrs. Flo E. Ballard, Hazel Holmes, Logan Gilbreath, Mabel Rafter, Ruth Browitt, 
Alpha Crystal, Hallie Crystal.
Third row:  Mabel Neff, Winnie Clements, Lena Newmeyer, Ophie Self, Clella Farmer, E. M. Turner, Daniel Shumaker, Birdie Mason, 
Sarah Gunnels.
Bottom row:  Nellie Roberts, Iva Paxton, Ida Brewington, Eva Stout, Nellie Phipps, Phyllis Cunningham, John Neff, Alice Newlin.

Marion County Students in Summer Term, 1912.

Left to right:  Arthur McPike, Mary Smith, Clara Habermeyer, Benj. Reber, Elmira Howard, Katherine Drescher, Bonnie Spratt, 
Aura Feigenspan.

Mercer County Students in Summer Term, 1912.

Top row, r to l:  Robert Broyles, Jessie Bailey, Rena Garriott, W. A. Reese, Jesse Owen, Etta Lowry, Owen Cousins.
Second row, l to r:  Leo Kesterson, Letitia Evans, Zella Tuttle, Audrey Campbell, Lena Pettit, 
Nora Niller, Dora Jenkins, Bessie Myers.
Bottom row, l to r:  Roy Broyles, Eva Minshall, Mary Minshall, Opal Wild, Mrs. Anna Hammond, Willa Newlin, Nellie Michael.

Picture to come later.

Missouri Teachers and Students from South of the Missouri River

Top row, l to r:  Prof. W. H. zeigel, Myrtle Downs, Robert St. Clair, Anna E. Fahrni, J. V. R. Hilgert.
Second row:  Ethel Downs, Clara Gorker, Lillian Waters, Edna Bradford, Lillian Bailey.
Bottom row:   C. E. Fritts, Mrs. J. V. R. Hilgert, master Wm. Zeigel, Mabel Beach, Ross C. Allen.

Monroe County Students & Teachers in Summer Term, 1912.

Top row, l to r:  James McCreery, Mary Garnett, Anna Lee Woods, Carson Cowherd, Alice Vaughn, Bertha Meyer, Willie Lee Hampton, 
Marguerite Kelly, mary Grubbs.
Second row, l to r:  Vena Laytham, Flora Woodson, Alma Vaughn, Paul Hardesty, Alta Dusendschon, R. S. Clough, Marie Dixon, Mrs.Lizzie Moore, Eva Dawson.
Third row, l to r:  Gertrude Delaney, D. E. Neale, Eunice Boyd, Lillian Delaney, Blanche Stephens, Sue Whitesides, Fred Luttrell, Rena Jenkins, C. E. Stephens, Mary Nolen, Mabel Vaughn, Frances Glascock, Rolla Wybrant.
Fourth row, l to r:  Edna Blanton, Lucile Humble, Frozy Griffith, Emma Lee Timbrook, Kathleen Stone, Alice Waller, Erma Lipp, Effie Beals,
Vivian Clark, Agnes Johnson, T. J. Moore.

Montgomery County Students in Summer Term, 1912.

Top row, l to r:  Norbert Green, Eolian Berger, C. S. Todd, Anne Berger, Roy Worland, C. C. Maxwell, Alma Muns, Guy Dugan.
Middle row, l to r:  Lena Slavens, C. C. Ray, Pearl Dugan, L. C. Stuart, Virginia Benson, Mrs. M. B. Vaughn, M. B. Vaughn, 
Martha Burchfield.
Bottom row, l to r:  Anna Mackey, Nellie Sailor, A. B. Cluster, Ola Ray, A. C. Chiles, Mary White, Floy Williams, C. H. Ramsay.



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