1912 Normal School Bulletin
Kirksville, Missouri
County Students Summer Term, 1912

Pike County Students in Summer Term, 1912

Top row, l to r:  Geneva Cash, Marie Bramblett, Cecile Thompson, Frances Funkhouser.
Bottom row:  J. Frank Page, Mary Kemble, Geo. Oliver, A. B. Cluster, Rowena Bramblett.

Putnam county Students in Summer Term, 1912.

Top row, l to r:  S. Barrett Stout, Zelma Howard, H. U. G. Turnmire, Verna Smith, A. S. Hill, Pauline Coop, Ira Harder, Stella Lemen, 
Earl Abbott, Florence Briddle.
Second row, l to r:  Manda Marrow, Ruby Dwyer, L. S. Boucker, Stella Shultz, Edwin Magee, Alma Jones, Darwin Magee, 
Lela Clapper, Nealie Houghton, Maude Abbott.
Third row, l to r:  Barbara Hamlin, Effie Scott, Minnie Raney, J. E. Kopfer, Olive Cowan,  A. M. Wilson, Anna Hamlin, Otis Dodson, 
Rosa Vestal, Floy Lowry, Lee Lipp.
Bottom row:  Roxie McFarland, Alma Wilson, Vesta King, Beryl Burns, Nettie Nalley, Press Sparks, Winona Howard, G. W.  Davis, 
Hattie May.

Ralls County Students in Summer Term, 1912.

Top row, l to r:  Clay Hopkins, Carrie Wright, Jewell Venable, Lizzie Utterback, A. G. Elam.
Bottom row, l to r:  S. G. Wright, Bertha Meyer, Ray Wells, Alice Vaughn, George Westfall.

Randolph County Students in Summer Term, 1912.

Top row, l to r:  E. L. Burton, Annie Swackhamer, L. R. Sumpter, Rosalie Jones, Albert Elsea, Vinnie Swackhamer, Vivian Littrell, 
W. A. Burton.
Bottom row, l to r:  Eva Edwards, Elsie Cottingham, Anna Thiemann, C. J. Howard, Myrtle White, Tessie White, Ruth Brown, 
Osa McKinney.

Schuyler County Students in Summer Term, 1912.

Top row, l to r:  Mollie Scurlock, Evan D. White, Ruth E. Sloop, Una Montgomery, Edna Bradford, Bruce L. Melvin, Mabel Shirley, 
Edith Perry, Maud Montgomery.
Second row l to r:  Marion Hill, Mabel Crump, Sarah Little, Ola Little, Elva Sidwell, May Ralston, Mary Yates, Mary Belle Nicoson, 
Fred L. Sloop, Mrs. Fred L. Sloop.
Bottom Row l to r:  C. O. Wright, Bertha Arni, Mabel Shepherd, Edna Maize, Eldina Kropf, Mary Roberts, Adolph Dooley, Lee Funk.

Scotland County Students in Summer Term, 1912

Top row l to r:  Cleve Johnston, Mrs. F. C. Jones, E. A. Wright, Mrs. Pearl Davison, Arthur Odell, Lela Salisbury, Ethel Mitzmberg, 
Lelia Sanders, Lawson Wise.
Bottom Row:  Ed Ruggles, Lelia Mitzimberg, F. C. Jones, Lelia Wilder, J. T. Angus, Nelle Myers, Orville Wade, Elmer J. Weyand.

Shelby County Students in Summer Term, 1912.

Top row, l to r:  Emma Byland, Mrs. O. F. Revercomb, O. F. Revercomb, Anna Chapman, James B. Rogers, Ruth Kipper.
Bottom row, l to r:  Allie Conrad, Maude Rampy, Rosa Conrad, Roy T. Neff, Edna Winget, Mary Jane Bragg.

Sullivan County Students in Summer Term, 1912.

Top row, l to r:  Harold C. Reger, Arzetta Frazier, Orpha A. Bartlett, Elfie Hayes, Ruby Dalzell, Leanna Terry, Fay Morrison, Alma Miller, 
Fred Hamilton.
Second row, l to r:  Estelle Webb, Tina Frazier, Charlotte Hill, Blanche Hamilton, Rosa Wilson, Cora Page, Grace Neet, 
Susan McCaughey, Flora Page.
Third row, l to r:  Alma Dalzell, Icis Edwards, Maud Walters, Mrs. Augusta Brow, Wm. Clabaugh, Blanche Hoerrmann, Nora Adlesperger, 
Bessie Alexander, Minnie Burruss.
Bottom row, l to r:  Mable Shatto, Minnie Shaw, Wardie Burruss, Bernice Brown, E. H. Salisbury, Hazel Shaw, Nellie Hayes, 
Leo. H. Petree.



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