1912 Normal School Bulletin
Kirksville, Missouri
page 13

Literary Societies, Debating Clubs.

The Institution (Normal School) supports and encourages many forms of student activities. The Philomathean Literary Society and the Senior Literary Society are mixed societies of men and women, with about 70 members each. The Elizabeth Barrett Browning club is composed of about 40 young women. The Websterian Debating Club, the Claytonian Debating Club, the Ciceronian Debating club and the Demosthenonian Debating Club are composed of young men and have about 30 to 35 members each. The History Club, composed of men and women, faculty members and students, has a active membership of about 25. There are other similar clubs, the Art Club, the German Club, the Latin Club, the Tennis Club, the Rural Sociology S club, the Science Club and the Shakespeare Society, having about 25 members each.

These societies meet once a week, some in the daytime, and some at night. Credit is given for work in these clubs and societies, provided the work is faithfully done and a definite record of the same can be shown. The work is credited under the head of the Public Speaking and Debating. It is considered very valuable and is placed on a par with other good school work, hour for hour.

The Athletic Club is an organization of young woman under the leadership of Miss Dockery, of the Department of Physical Education. It usually has about 100 members. Its purpose is to acquire and exemplify the best ideals for perfecting the health of young women.

The Political Equality Club is composed of about 75 young women who meet once a week to study a and discuss all sorts of sociological questions.

Claytonian Debating Club, 1911-12

Top row L to R:  Lawson Wise, Chester Purdy, Mark Stanley, Walter Henry, John R. Murdock, Fred Bruner, C. C. Cokerham, Horace Mills.
Second row:  Milton Patterson, Herbert Kretzmeier, M. E. Fish, C. F. Bare, H. D. Voss, Earl Poore, C. T. Farmer, Clarence Spelman, Evan D. White.
Third row:  Barton S. Morgan, Roy Neff, T. G. Nichols, F. L. Sloop, L. F. Reynolds, Bert Morgan, Grover Sims, Garrett Kuntz, A. B. Cluster, Vardaman Tyler.
Bottom row:  Walter A. Hopkins, G. V. Baskett, Guy McGee, W. Brice Fell, H. L. Collett, S. Barrett Stout, E. M. Turner, A. L. Threlkeld, Robert Clough.

Demosthenonian Debating Club

Top row l to r:  Stelow Schwartz, Leon Slavens, H. P. Hipsher, J. W. Foust, O. C. Wade, Terence Ham, J. G. Welch.
Second row:  Arlie Capps, Wayne Fuller, Grover Bennett, Amos Pierce, H. L. Epperson, Norbert Green, C. O. Wright.
Bottom row:  George Oliver, Sterling Thompsom (Thompson?), Paul Barnett, Paul Hardisty, Joseph Otterson, Grover Ramsey, J. W. Howe

Websterian Debating Club, 1911-12

Top row, reading left to right: S.L. Bailey, I.B. Crawford, Lloyd Han, B. A. Reynolds, Owen Cousins, Bertis Chipp.
Second row: Earl Dille, J. Frank Page, Lewis Cissna, Frank Van Horne, D. E. Neale, G. W. Davis, E. A. Wright, Homer L. Dickerson.
Third row: Louis Browning, H. Culler, S. M. Boucher, A. S. Hill, Denver Busby, E. Logan Finley, Monty Lansdale, Wm. Clabaugh.
Fourth Row: Floyd Newman, K. P. Matthews, H. B. Ploson, J. A. Owen, A. F. Elsea, Wilbur casebeer, E. H. Salisbury, W. H. Burress, N. D. Houghton
Bottom Row: Cleve Johnson, T. L. Schiefelbusch, Fred E. Brooks, C. A. Smith.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning Club, 1911-1912

Top Row, reading left to right: Gladie Childers, Flora Wright, Mae Wells, mary Morrison, Ora Johns, Helen Nichols, Bessye Smith, Shirley Hunt, Bernice Lemon, Veda Stryker.
Second Row: Ethel Hook, Stella McWilliams, Alva Roberts, mamie Temple, Dora Reynolds, Ruth Reynolds, Lillian Doll, Muril Weber.
Third Row: Ruth Wright, Ada Blakeslee, Ruth Sloop, Emma Garver, edna McNealey, Arzetta Frazier, Nellie Childers, Eva Nance.
Bottom Row: Nola Crandall, Letha Dorsey, Eileen McGinnis, Bessie Crystal, mary V. Wright, Elizabeth Benning, Viola Vogel, Thurba Fidler, Edna Montgomery.
Inter-School Debates
Last year a Debating League was formed of representatives from the various clubs and societies interested in debating and from the faculty. This league completed arrangements with the Springfield and Cape Girardeau Normal Schools for bedates among the three schools. On May 3, teams chosen from this school debated at Springfield with that school and here with representatives from Cape Girardeau. This triangular league of schools will probably be continued indefinitely. The first experience was very satisfactory.
Employment Bureau.
In response to the demands of many earnest students, and to letters of prospective students, the Faculty appointed a year ago a committee to act in conjunction with a committee of the Y.M.C.A. to constitute an Employment Bureau. This Committee endeavors to find places for servious, industrious students where such students can earn a part at least, of their expenses while attending school.
The Committee will attempt to put worthy students in touch with such work. Some of our very best students in the past have been enabled to continue in school in this way. A larger number have been placed during the past year, but with better organization we hope to do much more in this direction.

Inter-Normal School Debaters, May 3, 1912.
Top row: B.S. Morgan and E.H. Salisbury vs. Cape Girardeau Normal School, at Kirksville.
Bottom row: Wayne R. Fuller and John R. Murdock vs. Springfield Normal School, at Springfield

Prospective students wishing information should write to Professor J. W. Heyd, Faculty member of the Committee.


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