1912 Normal School Bulletin
Kirksville, Missouri 

Philomathean Literary Society Spring Term, 1912

Top row, l to r:  John W. Neff, Everette Craig, Horace Mills, C. H. Ramsay, Prof. H. Clay Harvey, Prof. A. P. Settle, D. E. Neale, Harriet Nelson,  Mrs. A. S. Hill, 
A. G. Capps.
Second row:  Bessie Crystal, Margaret Lloyd, Connie Wright, Julia Foght, Ester Pettit, Virgie Brightwell, Maggie Hoffman, Mary Crigler, Cornelia Lloyd, 
Anna Laura Wright, Maude Phelps.
Third row:  Walter A. Hopkins, Mildred Lloyd, Guy McGee, Maybelle Downing, Eileen McGinnis, Glenn Edwards, Harva pitts, June Selby, Mary Haley, 
Eunice Adams, Beulah Coffey.
Fourth row:  Virginia Denniston, Nettie Crews, Paul Hardesty, Rena Garriott, Catherine Meade, Flora Loftiss, Joseph Otterson, Thelma Gregory, Roma Lehr, Mabel M. Wilson.
Bottom row:  neita Brawford, Ruth Turner, J. G. Welch, H. L. Collett, Miss Coral G. Sykes, J. M. Davidson, Earl Y. Poore, G. A. Kuntz, T. G. Nichols.

Photo to come ...

Senior Literary Society, 1912

Top row, l to r:  Walter Henry, Lois Cochran, Flora Wright, M. E. Fish, Ada Blakeslee, Barton S. Morgan, Stella McWilliams, Bruce L. Melvin, C.M. Wise, 
Stella Callaghan, C. T. Farmer.
Second row: F. L. Sloop, Mrs. F.L. Sloop, L. F. Reynolds, Viola Vogel, E.M. Turner, Mary Fidler, Ruth Towne, Clara Wells, Grover Sims, Herman Crookshank, Geo. Oliver.
Third row:  E. A. Wright, Gladys Doss, Ruth Wright, Ruth Sloop, Helen Gray, Sylva Browne, Floyd B. Rogers, Eva Nance, Mae Wells, Barrett Stout, W. J. Pierce, A. L. Prosser, Berley Slocum.
Fourth row:  Jno. Crookshank, Erma Lipp, Mary Nolen, Bessey Daugherty, Sina Cochran, Ben Jones, Louise Willard, Robert Clough, Juanita McGuire, 
Lavinia Noe.
Bottom row:  Fred Bruner, G. V. Baskett, Vera Finegan, Ada Douglas, A. S. Hill, J. W. Howe, Ella Black, Ina Finegan, O. C. Corbin.

Photo to come ...

The Historical Society

Top row, l to r:  John R. Murdock, B. S. Morgan, Helen Bradley, Prof. Eugene Fair, Florence Bradley, Prof E. M. Violette, Georgia Grimes.
Second row:  Evan D. White, Bessie Crystal, Prof. A. Otterson, Harriet Nelson, A. S. Hill, M. B. Vaughn.
Third row:  Catherine Meade, Robert S. Clough, Anna Pearson, Earl Y. Poor, Eva Dawson, Claude E.Stephens, Ruth Sloop, Courtney Jackson.
Bottom row:  Wayne R. Fuller, Everett M. Turner, Bruce L. Melvin, Paul Hardesty, Fred L. Sloop, W. H. Snyder.

Professor Settle's Winter Quarter Class in Advanced Composition and Argumentation
(It made a perfect record in class attendance.)

Top row, L to R:  Veda Stryker, Mary Haley, J. G. Pierce, A. G. Capps, John R. Murdock.

Bottom row:  Mary Morrison, Mary Kirk, Prof. A. P. Settle, E. L. Horton, Walter A. Hopkins, L. T. Shipley.


This transcription is brought to you by Charlotte Belden - Moberly, MO
It is in Work !!!  More to be added as time permits.
Charlotte purchased the 1912 Bulletin Book from the First District Normal School in Kirksville, MO at an antique store.  It is almost like a yearbook of sorts, with Faculty & Students enrolled from June 1911 to June 1912.  It also has many photos of students.  She will be glad to do lookups from this book.
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