1912 Normal School Bulletin
Kirksville, Missouri 
page 19, 23


The Christian Associations.

The Young Men's Christian Association and the Young Women's Christian Association are voluntary organizations which the Institution (Normal School) encourages and aids as much as possible.

The rooms of the Young Women's Christian Association are delightfully cozy, convenient, and comfortable. They are easily accessible from the Auditorium, the Library, and other chief centers of activity. The quarters of the Young Men's Christian Association are equally accessible, convenient and comfortable.

The Young Women's Christian Association is a branch of a world-wide movement, organized for the purpose of uplifting and strengthening the characters of young students into purposeful and unselfish women. The Association is accustomed to hold special meetings of their own each Sunday afternoon. They also hold an occasional series of noonday prayer meetings and classes organized for the systematic study of the Bible and Missions. For these meetings they are given the use of the most convenient and pleasant room to be had for such purposes in any of the buildings. It is the main room of the Library which the janitors put in order each Sunday for the special purposes of the young women's meetings. The Dean of Women has her headquarters in the rooms of the Association and has for one of her principal duties, all such contributions to the comfort and welfare of the girls as may be possible. One specially unique and helpful enterprise in connection with the Association work is the Student's Supply Stand in which a variety of class room necessitates may be purchased.

The Young Men's Christian Association has for its fundamental purpose the improvement of the lives and conduct of the young men. It especially emphasized clean living and pure thinking. The members for the attainment of their purposes welcome to membership every young man in the Institution who cares to belong. They provide weekly devotional meetings of their own, varied by lectures and life-work meetings. They have occasional joining meetings with the Young Women's Christian Association. They maintain classes in the systematic study of the Bible and Missions. Both the young men and young women give occasional socials and entertainments, sometimes for members alone, sometimes for the entire school.

The Young Men's Christian Association supports, as explained elsewhere, a five number Lecture course, costing over $1000.00 annually. It sends out a "Gospel Team" of five young men during the Holidays to engage in evangelistic work. It sends annually a delegation of from three to six members to the general student Conference of the Young Men's Christian Associations at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

The Young Women's Christian Association sends even larger numbers to the great annual meetings of the National organization.

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The Y.M.C.A. men offer to students the convenience of their well-equipped reading room, stocked with papers and magazines. They operate a book exchange where students may buy and sell second-hand text books. They have a corps of young men whose duty it is to secure boarding places for prospective students and to meet such persons at trains and conduct them to their boarding places. They have instituted an Employment Bureau which is in part directed by a member of the Faculty, Professor J. W. Heyd. This Bureau is to help students secure positions for those who desire to earn a part or all of their expenses.

Y.W.C.A. Cabinet, 1911-12

Reading left to right: 
Mabel Cowan, Bessy Baugherty, Mae Wells, Stella McWilliams, Marie Miller, Mildred Lloyd, Mary Ann Fidler, Grace Smith, Edna McNealey, Virginia Sparling.

Y.M.C.A. Gospel Team, 1912

Top row l to r:  Barton S. Morgan, H. D. Voss, John R. Murdock.
Bottom row:  Grover W. Sims, Melvin E. Fish.


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