1912 Normal School Bulletin
Kirksville, Missouri 
page 73


Normal School Index students

Photo ID's for the men not listed.

The weekly Normal School Index is edited and managed by a group of ambitious students, some whose pictures appear on the opposite page. I believe that this paper is the best exponent of the life and activities of our students. It was my intention to give a prominent place in this Bulletin to an adequate description of this most commendable student enterprise. I regret that congestion of business, due partly to lack of physical strength prevented my doing so. - J. R. K. (John R. Kirk, President & Supervisor of Practice Schools)


H. D. Voss

C. M. Wise

Editor in Chief, Normal School Index

A. G. Capps

A. B. Cluster

Business Manager, Normal School Index


This transcription is brought to you by Charlotte Belden - Moberly, MO
It is in Work !!!  More to be added as time permits.
Charlotte purchased the 1912 Bulletin Book from the First District Normal School in Kirksville, MO at an antique store.  It is almost like a yearbook of sorts, with Faculty & Students enrolled from June 1911 to June 1912.  It also has many photos of students.  She will be glad to do lookups from this book.
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