1912 Normal School Bulletin
Kirksville, Missouri


Practice School Elementary Class.
Graduating on or Before May 21, 1912

M. F. Beach

Dula Bernard
Ella E. Black
Ada F. Blakeslee
Annie Bledsoe
Lillian Marie Bramblett
Rowena Bramblett
Neita Brawford
Effie Lee Bruner
Fred Bruner
Malie Gertrude Buford
Veronica Burns
W. H. Buress
Avis Callison
Nellie G. Cheuvront
Ruth F. Collett
A. Maude Cooper
Lura Cowan
Mabel E. Cowan
Emma D. Davis
Flossie Deaver
Gladys Doss
Glenn S. Edwards
Buel F. Enyeart
Mary Fidler
Thurba Fidler
Mabel J. Fields
Goldie Forrest
Marion F. Gardner
LeNelle Gibson
Sallie Gibson
Logan M. Gilbreath
Will C. Gilson
Nellie S. Grimes
Mary Haley
A. Ester Harrison
A. S. Hill
Maggie Lee Hoffman
Shirley Hunt Coralie Lake
Bernice E. Lemon
Lenore Lindsey
Mary D. Locke
Bessie Lucas
Mary Morrison
Edith Myers
Mabel L. Nulton
Linnie Pearson
Maud M. Phelps
Myrtle Phelps
Clara Pierson
Harva Pitts
H. B. Polson
Earl Y. Poor
Carmelita Quinn
Dora Reynolds
L. F. Reynolds
Alva Roberts
Agnes Shibley
Lena Singley
Leon E. Slavens
C. Grace Smith
Julia Sparks
S. Barrett Stout
Eva H. Stuck
Opal Townsent
L. V. Tyler
Viola Vogel
Sudie Winn
Ruth Wright
Ruth A. Wright
August Section. 
To Receive Elementary Certificates August 9, 1912,
on condition that all required work shall then be completed.
Bertha E. Arni
(Mrs.) Flo. E. Ballard
S. Morris Boucher
W. R. Boucher
Ida Brewington
R. S. Caldwell
Geneva Cash
Anna B. Chapman
A. B. Cluster
Lois D. Cochran
Grace Copman
Nola E. Crandall
Nettie Crews
mary Crigler
Herman L. Crookshank
Jno. A. Crookshank
Luther V. Crookshank
Phyllis Cunningham
Joseph M. Davidson
Letha Dorsey
Ethel Downs
A. G. Elam
Albert F. Elsea
Leota Eubanks
Clinton T. Farmer
Carrie Friday
Frances Funkhouser
Hazel W. Furman
Frankie Gentry
O. E. Gordon
F. Karl Grassle
Georgia R. Grimes
Maude Haines
Mila Harris
Laura Heathman
Edna O. Hess
Hazel Holmes
Ethel Hook
E. A. Horton
Nina Howard
Anna May Howell
Hazel Howison
Carrie Hoyt
Courtney Jackson
Anna James
Fay Elizabeth Jarman
Nondas Jordan
James R. Kerr
Ruth Kipper
Mabel R. Kraft
Herbert W. Kretzmeier
May Leedom
Stella Lee Lemen
Erma May Lipp
Margaret Lloyd
Essie Long
Lela Lyon
Rowland Marston
Kathryn Martin
Birdie Mason
C. C. Maxwell
Beulah McClaran
Annabelle McGee
Stella McNary
Cordia E. Mills
(Mrs.) Mary E. Moore
Alma Muns
Nelle C. Myers
Roy T. Neff
Pearle Netherton
Berdie Newmyer
Helen M. Nichols
Mary Belle Nicoson
Mary Nolen
Erma Novinger
Belle Nowels
J. Frank Page
Jene B. Patton
leo. H. Petree
Elsie M. Post
R. W. Powell
Mabel E. Rafter
Agnes Rank
Daisy Rankin
L. Benj. Reber
Ella M. Richards
Mary Ellen Rixey
Birdie Robbins
Mary Roberts
Jas. Buford Rogers
Pearl Romjue
Ruth E. Sanders
T. L. Schiefelbusch
Georgia Sebring
Leuella Sebring
Vest Sheets
Roy M. Slocum
Ruth E. Sloop
Alta L. Smelser
Neva Sue Smith
Vea Smith
E. A. Sparling
Hortense Standley
Blanche Stephens
Kathleen Stone
Eva M.Stout
(Mrs.) Anna L. Swartz
Mamie Tate
Mattie Tate
Ruth Tatum
Margaret Tegler
Jennie Terrill
Anna B. Thiemann
Maggie Mae Thomas
Cecile L. Thompson
Sterling Thompson
Minnie Trippeer
Bessie Tucker
Elizabeth Uhe
Georgia Vaughn
Vera Vesper
Orville C. Wade
Kate Wallace
Sadie M. Walters
Ruth Way
Nelle I. Webb
Mae Wells
Lillian Whaley
Rachel G. Whitaker
Anna Lee Woods
E. A. Wright
Flora A. Wright

(end of list & end of pg. 174)


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