Coal Miner Days
Held Annually on Sunday and Monday of Memorial Day weekend.

Come and visit the Coal Miners Museum and Novinger Log Homestead.
Admission to the museum is one dollar for adults and 50 cents for children.

Coal Miners Museum Library in Novinger and copies may be made there for a small fee.
Library hours are from 2 to 4 p.m. on the first and third Sunday during the summer months
and at other times by appointment by calling: 
Norma Goucher (660-488-6818),
Betty or Bob Hightower (665-0831),

Did You Have A Coal Miner in Your Family?
Several years ago Charley Gasperi put a list together of all the miners who had worked in the mines he kept books for.  This is invaluable material to have.  However, the list does not show what specific mine(s) they worked in, or the year(s).  And, his records only ment back to 1924.

List of Coal Miners

If you had a miner in your family and can provide us with the name, mines worked in, or approximate years, it would be a wonderful addition the the material the Novinger Renewal, Inc., has.

Please send any information you can provide to Novinger Renewal, Inc. Novinger, MO 63559. 

Come and visit the Coal Miners Museum and Novinger Log Homestead

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Some pictures I took while driving through the western Adair County country side with my dad, Bill Minor.  
He remembers spending time in Novinger as a boy.
Sterling and Grace  Jones
were his aunt and uncle.
<-- There is dad, walking up to the old filling station - Novinger.

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