Census Data

- The Growth of the County, Chapter III from Violette's History -

From the beginning the county has enjoyed in a steady and substantial growth. This is exhibited in a variety of ways. The first index of growth that one usually consults is the U. S. census reports on the population. On turning to them we find nothing on the population of Adair County prior to 1850, as the county was organized in 1841, the year after the census of 1840 was taken. Inasmuch as no separate record was kept of the population of the territory that was attached to Macon County from 1837 to 1841, and out of which the present Adair County was formed, we have no means of knowing just what the population of the county was when it was created in 1841. The census reports since 1850 give the population of Adair County as follows:
1850 2,342
1860 8,531
1870 11,448
1880 15,190
1890 17,417
1900 21,728
1910 22,700
White Free Colored Slave Total Native Born Foreign Born Total
1850 2,283 8 51 2,842 * * 2,342
1860 8,486 0 86 8,531 8,320 229 8,581
1870 11,805 143 11,448 11,072 376 11,448
1880 14,964 226 15,190 14,706 472 15,190
1890 17,114 303 17,417 16,986 481 17,417
1900 21,412 316 21,728 21,233 485 21,728
1910 * * 22,700 * * 22,700

* Data lacking.
Of the 495 foreign born persons in the county in 1900, 80 were natives of England, 48 of Canada, 74 of Ireland, 138 of Germany, 58 Italy, 24 of Scotland, 19 of Sweden, 15 of Wales, and 18 of France.

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